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I believe in the following the instinctual language of the body. I believe in following impulse and allowing our own, personal dance to emerge. Sourcing Movement is about reclaiming our voice, our story, and the history of our bodies. It is about entering The Space Unwritten in which judgements are withheld and expectations surrendered. It is about inviting a sense of permission to reinvent our selves and our movement- surrendering our minds and bodies to a deeper language that runs through us. Over the years I have realized that Sourcing Movement expands beyond the studio or trapeze. It is about the way we move in our lives, in the world. It is about detecting impulse and moving from it... whether it manifests in a paintbrush stroke, the snap of a shutter, or a series of movements. I am deeply inspired by the investigation of tension and release and feel as though through this simple practice a fuller embodiment, artistic expression and self-understanding can emerge.

I teach private lessons as well as group workshops in aerials, dance, act creation and movement quality... all based around the concepts of Sourcing Movement and the Space Unwritten. 

I perform in the air and on the ground. I perform on any apparatus that interests me, including other humans. I range from somber to hilarious, from cows to mice.


Shannon Gray can be found passing the time doing what many would consider rolling, climbing, releasing, gliding and frolicking. She enjoys things which consist of water, mud, trapeze bars, sand and beautiful sounds. Shannon believes in the sense of permission to be exactly who we are and she is swept away-physically, emotionally, metaphysically- by all things that entail the journey to cultivate this sense. She loves her adopted, somewhat damaged cat, Flam Bam, staring at her crystal collection while listening to Hamlet Gonashvili, dreaming of and chasing perfect waves, dancing to the music of those who create it from the depth of their soul, teaching through asking questions and performing by surrendering the need to find answers.

Shannon has spent many years cultivating her love of movement and curating her unique and expressive style. She draws specifically from somatic studies, dance, yoga and the practice of authentic movement. Born in Montreal, she has traveled extensively- training, performing and teaching. She currently lives in San Francisco where she continues to pursue her work and art and is in the midst of completing her master's degree in east-west psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

For more information on Shannon's work, to get in touch regarding employment and/or collaboration opportunities, or to just say hello, feel free to use the contact page.

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