Current Workshop Offerings:

Exploring the worlds of Dance Trapeze and Movement Quality

Where: Aerialution, Grass Valley
When: Friday and Saturday, April 12 and 13, 2024

Under, Over, and Through:

exploring the realms of Dance Trapeze

Shannon Gray has spent fifteen years developing a unique and embodied approach to the dance trapeze. She bases this approach on various concepts such as release, contrast, impulse, and the connection between the ground, trapeze, and air.

In this 2.5 hour workshop, students will begin on the ground, becoming familiar with release-based movement and total body awareness. Students will then take these concepts and apply them to the dance trapeze through the exploration of innovative choreography. A strong emphasis will be given to trapeze-supported ground movement, bar and rope threading, and a connection between the various spacial realms (perimeter, under the bar, between ropes, etc.). While striking a balance with technique building, this workshop will be aimed at developing movement quality and creating a space where personal exploration and creativity can emerge- allowing each student to find a deeply embodied and expressive relationship between the dance trapeze and their body.

Pre Reqs: This workshop is open to anyone with intermediate or advanced aerial experience. The ability to straddle up unsupported in the ropes is necessary. Trapeze-specific experience is not necessary. 

Date and Time: Friday, April 12, 6:00-8:30pm

Cost: $100,  or $85 if you register for both

*please register by April 6, Minimum enrollment of 6, workshop capped at 10

*please contact Shannon directly to register and send payment to either venmo (@shannygraymouse) or paypal (, friends and family option please)


movement quality, authentic expression, and creativity

Through the release of tension, patterns, and habits- of both body and mind- we create a newfound space. In that space we feel the stirrings of impulse… the origins of our unique creativity and voice. What happens when we fall back into the intelligent and natural movement of our bodies? What happens when we create and cultivate this kind of authentic expression? What kind of movement quality and presence emerges in our aerial work and how do these things affect our artistic development? Release is a 2.5 hour introductory workshop that guides students into the core of these questions while providing tools for their exploration. 

In this workshop, students will be introduced to movement patterns which facilitate a release of tension in the body. From this “clean slate”, you will begin to experience your unique movement impulses, language, and expression… you will begin to engage with your personal creativity. We will facilitate this movement expansion by paying particular focus to certain movement energies known as the efforts: time, weight, space, and flow (Laban Movement Analysis), resulting in greater movement quality and contrast, both on and off the apparatus. Exploring various choreographies on your apparatus of choice, you will research how simple movements or choreographies can become beautifully textured and full of embodied presence.

Release not only expands movement potential and options, it also places the artists in touch with their innermost voice and impulse- the source of creativity. This combination- technique and authentic creativity- creates work that is emotionally relevant, honest, and compelling, for both the artist and audience.

Pre-reqs: This workshop is open to any aerial artist seeking to go deeper in their work. You must have a basic but strong foundation on your apparatus of choice- to the point of being able to repeat sequences for the course of a song. 

Date and Time: Saturday April 13, 11:00-1:30

Cost: $100, or $85 if you register for both

*please register by April 6, Minimum enrollment of 6, workshop capped at 10

*please contact Shannon directly to register and send payment to either venmo (@shannygraymouse) or paypal (, friends and family option)

*In registration email, please specify what your first and second choice of apparatus is… I will try and accommodate everyone’s first choice if possible!

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